Make the bold move and take a risk?

With all the chaos of the UK government right now, along comes a video which speaks to me.

My advice is to go for the bold move and take a risk. And if that risk means putting yourself way out there in an interview, or if that risk means having to move to a city you weren’t sure you wanted to live in, or if that risk means trying a field that wasn’t your first choice, do it.

That move is on my mind a lot.

Author: Ianforrester

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One thought on “Make the bold move and take a risk?

  1. Ian,

    Speaking from personal experience, you won’t regret making the move you describe.

    It might not leave you richer, but it will lead you to being a wiser and more rounded human being.

    Yes, it can hard to learn a new language (I went to Greece for some of my time away from the UK) but you will learn about the goodwill (and some ill will) of your fellow humans if you take yourself to places new.

    Some of the hard stuff is easy. There are self-storage places that you can pack your stuff up into. You can rent out a property you own.

    For me, the wonderful challenge of finding yourself with a rucksack and endless new challenges is one to embrace.

    Some people I know have been robbed within hours and ended up on a plane home again. Some people are still in their adoptive homes after literally decades.

    I’m sure the line “I worked for the BBC” will still open many doors around the world.

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