Inspiring the next generation of coders

Remember this in 2011? Remember BBC Micro for the 21st century? Heck do you remember BBC Code Club? Then finally it was announced

BBC Connected Studio are setting the challenge of a new way to teach Coding to Teenagers.

Inspiring young people to realise their creative potential through technology

This all links and is inspired by the amazing and tireless work (at times) people such as Ant Miller, Michael Sparks, Mo McRoberts, Alan O’DonohoeKeri Facer, Adrian Woolard, Jo Classens, Howard, etc, etc to name just a few. (maybe would be a good time to share that mindmap?)

If you’ve not been paying attention, here’s some background…

The UK is facing a severe skills shortage in the technology sector and the BBC wants to work with partners to help change that. Martha Lane Fox recently said: “We are going to need a million more people who can work in the technology sector over the next ten years. We don’t have them. We’ve got to help people be encouraged to go into that sector.” So we want to inspire Britain’s next generation of storytellers, problem solvers and entrepreneurs to get involved with technology and unlock the enormous creative potential it offers, both for each individual and for all corners of UK industry.

Digital literacy is a highly valuable skill – and in future could arguably become as essential to a successful career as reading or writing. Some young people in Britain have already discovered the power and range of their creative potential in coding, programming and digital technology, but many have yet to try these things.

Digital literacy is essential…

The call is out! And I’m expecting this to be one of the biggest BBC connected studios ever. Who would be interested in working with me to come together around a fantastic idea which could work for a wider audience that just the typical stereotypes.

Who’s with me? No seriously who’s interested in being part of my team?

Author: Ianforrester

Senior firestarter at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and serial social geek event organiser. Can be found at, and

21 thoughts on “Inspiring the next generation of coders

  1. What does being on the team involve – can I live in Cumbria and be a team member? If Zoe is on the team AND you it sounds like a team I want to join 😉

  2. I think this is a great idea and something that needs to happen. I run a number of code clubs in my town (Maidstone, Kent) with primary and secondary school kids, and I also run a business challenge with some 6th formers every year. The thing that I find gets them going regarding learning to code is explaining to them just how easy it is to make their ideas a reality and just the shear amount of investment money that’ll be open to them if they put a little bit of effort in. The best way in my opinion from little trials I’ve done myself and from having talks with them is to create an incubator, show them the cold hard cash and help them take their ideas seriously, but don’t let them lose the fun and give them their space to be kids and teenagers.

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