Funny the reasons why we don’t date…

Found via Tim Dobson, who seems to be on a roll recently… Totally see the funny side of this but in all seriousness, you got to have your values and dealbreakers!

Very apt for us singltons on the eve of Valentine’s day… Luckily I’m at the Vivid Quirkyalone day event.

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6 thoughts on “Funny the reasons why we don’t date…

      1. That’s not good. Looks like they supply dating site services to a lot of companies – i.e. The Independent’s dating section. Not a great thing for Women’s Hour to endorse on their show.

        1. Yes they supply white label dating to a ton of dating sites including uniform dating, Christian dating, etc, etc. I imagine that lady had an idea and decided to setup a dating site. Its expensive to set one up unless you stick to a set formula and that means using a white label system. Cupid and global personals are the big ones, both have been in courts for devious things.

          Women’s hour should do more research and be more careful. They could have talked about the concept and mention once that there is a site.

          Bad BBC!

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