Back to the future timeline of disaster

I really love back to the future but I know its not exactly perfect, there are time travel faults which do wind quite a few people up. Well thanks to the guys over at you can now see them all in one place as the timeline of disaster. Found via the diggreel again.

Here’s a mere example of the faults involving back to the future…

Doc Brown: Evil Lunatic

Doc Brown first tested his time machine on his own dog and was visibly surprised when it actually survived. Other highlights include nearly running himself over by remote control, using a date-rape machine on Marty’s girlfriend and accidentally creating an entire dimension of hell.

In the first movie, Doc Brown makes a huge deal out of the sanctity of time and the terrible risks of future information. He then spends the next thirty years building a time machine.

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Can’t believe its been 25 years (nasty flash site) since back to the future came out. Also worth pointing out that Back to the future will be coming back to the Cinema in the UK in October to celebrate the film’s 25th Anniversary. I’ll be first in line for that, specially if they bring out a IMAX version. Hopefully it won’t be 3d too.

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