Its open season at the forresters

Islington Wharf

I’m now at home if you want to come around for a visit, but if possible please wait till I move if possible because I’ll have more space. Yes to add to my stress (as such) I was going through with a move to the new flats at New Islington. My sister was smart enough to call my estate agent (billie) and put the whole move on hold while I was lying in a hospital bed. Luckly I was able to pick everything back up again which means I’ll be moving in the next few month. I just got accepted for the Mortgage which I got at a very good rate.

So of course, come around but call me first on my mobile or house phone so I can direct you to the right building and right flat.

don’t expect too much of me because I get tired quickly and can’t go a far distance, but I am clearly Ian :).

I plan to take the full amount of time out so will be getting myself on the xbox a lot, which means getting a xbox live gold account and maybe learning how to use the control pad to play games like Halo. I expect to be buying a few games which I’ve missed such as Portal, gears of war, etc. If anyone (@si_lumb) wants to lend me some games that would save me a load of money. Will I buy a Playstation 3? I don’t know, I’m considering it.

So I guess if your on Xbox Live look out for (Cubicgarden) because thats me. Otherwise I’ll be shopping for my new Pad or going to the cinema. I’ll be online but not that much because I want to stay away from work stuff. Adrian says everything is taken care of, so I believe him.

Once again, thanks to everyone and I hope to see or touch base at some point over the next few months.

Author: Ianforrester

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