Mix transfer from elsewhere, great but…

Upload mix

Lets mix has launched a new way to upload a mix. Enter a url of a Mp3 and it will grab it and upload it for you. This should be a standard feature on a lot of social sites. The next step would be upload a RSS feed and it would strip any links to mp3s.

What I don’t get is Let’s Mix generally, is it use to be based around the Pacemaker and now the pacemaker seems to have been forgotten. For example when you upload your mix, it gives you the option of where you made the mix. So you got all the usual options like live, virtualdj, pcdj, etc but no pacemaker option.

Let’s mix is a weird place right now, I can’t work out if there trying to replace Soundcloud.com or do something different. They had better sort it out before I have a uploaded library on both.

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