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Evernote on WINE

The reality of the same information on multiple devices and platforms is starting to become a reality. But there's always a edge case. Take for example Notes. I use Tomboy Notes on my Ubuntu Laptop because its lightweight, fast, wiki based and saves in little linked XML files (great data portability). And rather that get sucked into using Outlook notes again or even one note, I've switched to using Evernote on everything else (thanks Nicole for the heads up on this service) including my windows mobile phones and the ipod touch. But does Evernote have a Linux client? No. Instead I'm forced to use the web version which is no good when I'm in a meeting room with no connection. What the notes world needs is for Tomboynotes to support Evernote's API and i'm not the only one saying this…

Use the Evernote API (http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/) to sync Tomboy notes –> Evernote, and possibly Evernote –> Tomboy (though obviously images, etc. wouldn't sync into Tomboy…perhaps include a link to the note online in that case?)

I was thinking this would be the perfect reason to use something like Conduit if it supported the Evernote API. Its all a pipe dream, in the end I broke down and cheated by installed Evernote under wine. Boy its ugly and gets on my nervious, I really would like a native version or better still the sync option.

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Author: Ianforrester

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