Choosing a Manchester Flat

Deansgate station

I can confirm I have picked my flat and will be laying down the deposit tomorrow. It was a super tough decision but in the end, I dropped all the flats in the Northern Quarter and Castlefield because they were too far from Oxford Road (as it will take about 20mins to walk on a good day). Once I did that, the deansgate and winkworth road area become the focus. The Hacienda appartments were nice but over price, so I looked more south and found some great appartments.

The one picked is 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has secure underground parking. Its high on a corner, so theres a great view of the Manchester skyline from the small balcony. I did see some amazing flats last weekend, but being close to work and the train stations means I'll be more likely to walk everywhere that take the scooter. Just in the last weekend in Manchester I must have walked 15-18 miles. Trust me my feet felt it every night when I got back. One very sweet but sassy estate agent walked with me from their base on deansgate to Castlefield, then to near Hulme and then up to the northern quarter. And if that wasn't far enough I met the next estate agent back at Castlefield! If it wasn't for the rain and high winds I would have been happier to walk.

Just reflecting back on some of the wow flat features, I got to mention first of all the Edge. The appartment I saw was on the 15th floor and when I stepped out on to the large balcony, I couldn't help but feel a certain amount of vertigo. The view was impressive but facing towards Salford rather that Manchester Centre. In Castlefield there were two amazing buildings which were hard to choose between. St george's island was beautiful and had the largest balcony I'd ever seen (plus it facing the right direction). Then I saw on Sunday I that was blown away by Timber Whalf which had a corner balcony and to top it off, a private balcony for the bedrooms. Why? Who knows but imagine having a party in such a place. Other noteworthy flats were in the northern quarter which included great views and amazing spaces in everything from loft conversions to a penthouse. The most striking was the lighthouse. I did go into Beetham Tower but only to check out a one bedroom place which was well outside my budget. It was a great view but honestly not that special. I'll be interested in some of the newer taller buildings which are being proposed.

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