the week before… Over the Air

Yep its only one week till Over the Air and the whole team is working all hours possible to nail everything down and make sure the event is top notch. Seriously the event is going to be great, but we're trying to make it even more special that great. We've over come some major barriers to make this event happen and I'm sure theres even more to come when you all start opening your laptops and trying to connect at the same time. Were confident the network (3g and Wifi) will be stable enough to take 400 people hitting it at the same time, but the space we have is going to be pretty tight. Hence we had to put a maximum limit on tickets and yes all the tickets are now gone.

This logestical nightmare of guiding people around the maze which is imperial college also requires added help, and we're still looking for runners to help with over the air. We're still also looking for people who have signed up and want to help, obviously helpers will het a little gift for there help and can choose the hours they want to work, while the runners will be paid to be there 12 hours at a time and have no real choice about jobs they get allocated to. Email me if helper or runner is something your interested in (please, only people on the list can be helpers now).

Theres a lot more to come from over the air including details about the competition, maps, etc. So please keep an eye on the site and expect a email to everyone who signed up really soon. Also don't forget to sign up to the backnetwork which you should have got an invite to if you signed up successfully. Also if you don't think you will make over the air, please for sake of everyone just ping us a email, so someone else can take your spot. We have quite a few people waiting in the reserved queue for dropouts. We do want in as many people as possible but safety first of course.

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