Rez HD, I wish. But what’s Boogie?

Rez HD

I missed Rez the first time round because I never owned a PS2 or Dreamcast, and it looks like I may miss out again because Rez HD is only on Xbox 360 only. Don't get me wrong I've played Rez but only at 5min blasts at a gaming festival, I've never got a chance to really get involved like the time I've sunk into the Wipeout or Burnout. Anyway here's a great review which makes me wish I had a Xbox 360 for the first time ever.

So after looking at videos for Rez HD, I decided to look for videos of Bust A Move (bust a groove in the UK) and Bust a Move 2. Both I own but number 2 doesn't work because I own a PAL machine and the game is JP NTSC, so all the tunes are out of time in the 50-60hz switch over. Anyway, I couldn't find any updates to it except Dance dance revolution which I'm sorry isn't the same! But then I found Boogie. Honestly I've never seen this before but it looks like Bust a Move evolved. However it got a crap score. So I might rent it and see if I like it. If not Dance dance revolution Wii Party looks like my only fix for the dance games on next generation consoles.

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