What party?

So someone you don’t know, starts talking to you on Facebook and through a couple of blog comments. Then invites you to an exclusive private party in Central London. Would you go?

Well thats what happened to me. A woman going by the name (redacted) invited me and it would seem quite a few bloggers to a un-official future of webapps after party. I thought well I’ll give it a try, what could go wrong? So on to Drinks & Canapes in St. Martins Lane Hotel. Well thats how it was advertised along with this little blurb…

A perfect opportunity to chill out and relax with drinks and canapes at the luxurious Light Bar, at St. Martins Lane Hotel in the heart of London.

I got there about 9pm expecting not much but someone to tell me it was all a hoax or some suits party. I did have a thought that this could dangerous too but decided I’m big enough to keep myself out of any trouble, plus most people knew where I had gone. Anyway, so got there, asked the doormen, staff, front desk, restaurant manager, etc, etc and no one knew anything about the party, Fowa or (redacted). So I had a look around myself and went home. No harm done I guess. No Facebook friendship for you (redacted)…. There’s a lot more to this that I first thought, so I’ll fill in the rest of the details below…soon

So it turns out that (redacted) had cancelled the event but the message didn’t get out quick enough. (redacted) had some very bad news which required her presence elsewhere. I received a facebook mail from (redacted) about 10 days later saying how upset she was with my post, which was fair enough but bear in mind I wrote it straight after coming back. So hopefully this clears things up a little.