Give me a decent RSS reader on GNU/Linux please

This quote from the Greatnews Forum sums up my feelings about RSS readers on Linux. I'm actually tempted to run a cut down version of Windows using VMwareplayer and just Greatnews.

Annoyed with some of Microsoft's policies regarding their users, and disgusted with the looks and ridiculous size of Windows Vista, I've been slowly working on the switch from MS' operating system to Linux (Ubuntu 6.06, to be more precise).

So far, the experience has been great but there is one application that keeps me going back to Windows, and it is not Adobe Photoshop. It turns out that not only there is no RSS reader even remotely alike GreatNews on the penguin, there doesn't seem to be any decent reader at all. I've been trying to make do with RSS Owl, but that 3-pane e-mail client GUI just won't do, and the fact that it doesn't archive posts is absolutely exasperating.

My first impulse, of course, would be to suggest a Linux version of GreatNews. But I don't think that's a reasonable idea, at least in the near future. So, the next best thing I can do is try to run it with something like Wine.

I'm currently using the preview version of RSSOwl 2.0 simply because it has the advance functionality, handles 400 feeds ok but geez how memory does it want to eat? Yes I know some of you will say what about AKagregator, Liferea, etc, etc. Trust me I've installed them all and tried them out. Most crash when I try and load in a 400 feed OPML file or take forever to jump feed to feed. I even went through this frustration with a couple of friends and they were lost for words. Even Mark Pilgrims list of essential software for Linux does not have a RSS reader on it! I'm sorry but this is bad and very sad. I got use to using Particls but can live without it for a while, till I find a way of getting the benefit of my APML file in another RSS reader, or they release a Linux version? Linux is also missing simple things like wheres the slick RSS screensaver? Windows and Mac have plenty, including some opensource versions which I'm sure could be ported if needed.

My plead to the Linux world is get clued up about RSS on the desktop, its not going away and actually for some like myself prefered to reading web pages. Now can someone tell me I'm very wrong and debunk what I'm saying? Please…

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