WiiJing a possible future for digital djing?

I was catching up on some videocasts the today and came across a segment in the 1 upshow (gaming culture show) about a guy who dj's using wiimotes. I honestly took a double look and was thinking damm why didn't I think about that.

Its odd because it all made so much sense. I had,

  1. Seen BBC Creative R&D using Glovepie to control a PVR/DVR and even Google Earth.
  2. Wanted a Nintendo Wii for its clever use of fun and exercise.
  3. Moaned on about how digital djing was different to Vinyl or CD djing
  4. Gone on about how the interfaces for digital djing should be very different to the vinyl equivalent

I have had a good look around the setup there using and it looks like it could be adapted to VirtualDJ and one laptop if needed. So I'm going to try getting a Wiimote cheap on ebay this or next month and see what I can build. I actually think this kind of setup would suit music like trance a lot better (confirmed if you watch this video) that the stuff they were playing on the video. Virtual Dj has very assignable buttons and works with most of the things Tractor does, so hopefully that won't be a problem. Interestingly there is such a thing called wiij scratching, but is once again a clone of vinyl. I'm sure theres something else which can be done in this area but I was seriously impressed with Deckadance demo once again with dance music.

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Author: Ianforrester

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