Orange’s unlimited (1gig limit) data only 5 pound per month

Orange are insane. After charging me a stupid amount of money for using mobile data while roaming in New York. They fail to mention the fact that they now have a reasonable flat-rate mobile data plan.

5 pounds a month for all you can eat (1gig limit a month) off-peak mobile data. How did I find out? Well I went into a Orange shop and complained that Tmobiles data plans were much better and after a while he mentioned it.

It seems this has been in place since the June 1st. 

Orange UK has followed the other major operators in simplifying its data charging tariffs, and opened up unmetered data access to non-panthers as well as those on pre-paid contracts.

The new bundles include free evening and weekend browsing for £5 a month, or £8 to be able to browse during the day too. Pre-paid customers can pay £5 for seven days unlimited browsing. The new tariffs come in on 1 June.

Since I have a work phone for daytime use, the off-peak one will work for me. There is a clause about not using it for VoIP and other stuff.

Orange is very careful to say that the service is “browsing” and not “internet access”, leaving it plenty of room to block services it doesn't like the look of.

Its previous unmetered data terms and conditions were pretty clear on what services were frowned upon. “To ensure the fair allocation of network resources for all customers the offer may not be used for: modem access for computers, internet based streaming services, voice or video over the internet, instant mssaging, peer to peer file sharing and non Orange internet based video.”

But, unlike Vodafone, Orange seems to accept the impossibility of enforcing such restrictions: “We would discourage any customer from using VoIP through the mobile internet due to the quality of service they may experience. We are looking to launch our own high quality IM service in the next few months which will deliver a far superior customer experience to currently available services

I'll be using mine for im (twitter and jabber), Googlemaps, Email and RSS reading.

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