Pre-BarCampLondon Geekdinner with Ben Metcalfe

Ben Metcalfe challenges Mena Trott at Les Blogs 05

The next geekdinner will be on Friday 1st September 2006 with the most colourful character in London, Ben Metcalfe. Ben will be leaving London for greener and geeker land in San Francisco. If you don't know the smart, young and ever-so cheeky Metcalfe, here's a few pictures to remind you (oh and a funny movie).

Blonde and blackRed bitsPurple and BlueBlue GreenGreen BlondeSpiky blonde

Not only will we be seeing Ben off that night…. This will also be the perfect chance to meet up with other BarCampers and prepare for the long BarCamp weekend. Please note: The geekdinner is not exclusively for BarCampers, anyone is welcome including those who missed out this time around.

BarCampLondon Sep 2-3

When: Sept 1st 6:30pm till about 11pm (Remember BarCampLondon is the next day, so no late night)
The Bottlescrue, 53 – 60 Holburn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD
Nearest Underground:
City Thameslink (Holborn Viaduct) or Chancery Lane Station
Special Guest: Ben Metcalfe
Cost: 5 pounds for food

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