Rocketboom 2.0 with Joanne Colan

Stowe Boyd, sums up exactly what I think of Rocketboom 2.0 Daily With Joanne Colan.

Well, they were able to get off a credible start to Rocketboom 2.0, with Joanne Colan as the Anchor 2.0. She's doing a good job, but its not the same show for me.

Note that she refers to herself as the interim anchor, after ducking all the tomatoes.

Although seeing the bit with Baron seemingly driven mad was pretty funny.

Rocketboom was one of the few video shows that I actually turned to frequently, and it had grown on me. Just like I don't think the Daily Show would be the same without Jon Stewart, I feel the same about Amanda and Rocketboom 1.0.

Tiki bar friday?

I would also add one more thing. What the heck was this weeks casual Friday videocast about? I also didn't catch the whole Amber Mac meme being the next Rocketboom host. That would have been weird but you know what could have actually worked. Amber certainly has her style and its very different from Amanda.

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