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So I almost made my mind up when I thought I'd check out what people were saying about The first result got my attention, as its someone looking for a private Java servlet hoster too. Erik also decided on but was considering which I've honestly never seen before. I was a little put off by there image driven site but quickly found the lighter version which is much easier to navigate and compare prices. However I couldn't really found anything about the actual hosting besides they support Java Servlets. So I checked out the comments to the blog entry. gets my vote for worst designed and styled hoster site, but there prices are nice and cheap at only 11.99 dollars for a basic Tomcat VPS setup. They also as standard run Cocoon 2.1.3, OpenLDAP and Jabber! Now thats something worth shouting about. KGBbinternet are simply too expensive for what you get. I mean you have pay 60 dollars a month to get 15gig of bandwidth a month. is currently using about 6gig in webpage access and RSS and I expect that to grow over the coming year. Back to the blog, someone else pointers Erik to eapps which was one I considered a while ago.

Later this evening I spent some time talking to the live help at and they pointed me to the Cocoon hosters list, but that was not very fruitful. But I have to say the person on the other end did seem to know what they were talking about and seemed to be less sales and more sys op. At one point I did send the link to my blog about being told to leave Interadvantage and remarked it was the first time he's ever seen someone told to leave for such reasons. I also spent some time talking to Miles about Memory usage in Java Servlet containers. He had some great questions to ask any Java hoster. Whats the permanent generation set to on the JVM if at all? What's the command line used to start the JVM? Whats the percentage of customers which go over-bandwidth a month? and Email addresses of 3 customers I can correspond with. I've yet to get any response back from but there certainly looking like the right choice if I can keep my bandwidth down to less that 8gig a month. As Miles has remarked already, I'm not using 304's in blojsom and I'm not Gzipping responses. So realisticly it shouldn't be a big problem. Those famous last words…

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