Ravensbourne’s Copyright vs Community videos on Archive.org


I have finally put the copyright vs community videos from May 2004 on Archive.org under a creative commons licence. These go with the audio versions I added a while. I have to say a big sorry to Fravia because our 2nd DV Cam kept auto switching off because we were recording over firewire not on to DV Tape. The rest of the Videos are not effected because we were able to change the camera placements after Fravia's talk. I'm hoping to upload his first lecture in 2003 to make up for this mistake. Anyway, apologies over here are the videos which as of 0120 GMT are not available but
Verification and derivations have been completed. Now waiting for a curator to approve the recordings.

Copyright vs Community: with Fravia
Copyright vs Community: in the age of computer networks by Richard M Stallman
Copyright vs Community: with Cory Doctorow

While searching around, I also found Tom's notes on the same lectures. The certainly complete, corydoctorow and richardstallman in plain text.
This also serves as a very good time to remind myself to change the cubicgarden.com/copyright site.

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