IMDB webservices, when amazon when?

I was listening to a podcast today from Jeff Bezos at web 2.0, and I heard Amazon were developing there webservice more. So I zoomed over to the Amazon webservice blog and nothing except typepad users can now get there wishlists. Which generally pissed me off and I dropped a bad temper comment, which I wish I didnt. However I did look around for the Alexa and IMDB webservices and instead found this and this which made me feel a whole load better.

Just got home from work and Jeffrey Barr dropped me a email, next time I should think before I comment, as I've now been told!

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your comment. The Wishlist content is available via our
API. For example, here is a REST request to retrieve my personal

The “1G7V8WTVT8NPP” in this request is the Id of my wishlist. You
can use the Customer Content search to locate any public wishlist,
like this

Using the same API you can also get to a list of all content
(lists, reviews, and so forth) created by the user.

Does this answer your question?


Well yes it does, I cant help but feel this wasn't very clear at the time when I was looking at the Amazon webservices. Anyway thanks Jeffrey for the quick reply, and i'll be using it.

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