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Looks like the Alternative reality game – project syzygy is now ready to be played? There is a link which goes on to Which then has cgi to take email addresses. I shall sign up soon, but before I do I'll be checking out the new forum on Oh by the way, did anyone else see there is a image map on the image which clicks through to this and that leads to the first image.

Good to see theres a primer for newbies like me. And as someone else pointed out, its almost impossible keeping up with two ARGs, so I'm giving I love bees the boot now. Oh by the way theres a arcticle on Wired about the ending of i love bees, which I got from Slashdot. The general view is that i love bees sucked as a ARG but was a neat advertising campaign for Bungie. I think it also was good way to push ARG's out into the mainstream, not to say that it wasnt already.

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