The year of really simple syndication?

I was speaking to an ex-student on jabber instant messager tonight, and he said something which was out of the blue.

[23:52:43] David> this is going to be the year of rss
[23:52:52] Ian> lol why do you say that
[23:53:15] David> last year was im
[23:53:15] Ian> have a answer already but just wondering why you say that
[23:53:18] David> this years rss
[23:53:58] Ian> hummm yes i guess
[23:54:26] David> and coss your working on it!
[23:56:12] Ian> just finished new intranet, uses rss all the way through
[23:57:18] David> for rave?
[23:57:34] Ian> yep
[23:57:52] David> so give me an rss demo feed

Now I've been using rss for a while now, but not in the tradional sense most people use it for. I'm tending to use it for serious syndication. As mentioned the new rave intranet and website is based on rss through and through-out. I was dropped a link by dave to live streams of new bit torrent downloads in rss, which I have aggergated into a nasty fat feed. And there is the webbased xmlrpc client which is built on jsp and html forms. All coming together really nicely, but i dont buy the this year crap – specially when you consider the Atom threat, Soap and others… But also I cant decide where the rss fits in the grand scale of things. Personal publishing or the Semantic web? And of this all links back to my one voice thought, which I still havent finished yet…

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