Live TV on Xbox Media Player

While looking for interesting storys for next tuesdays lecture, seen this xboxmediaplayer
TSReader is an MPEG-2 transport stream analyzer PC application for Windows9x/2000/XP. Normaly this would not be so interesting for many XBMP users but the thing here is that TSReader has a build-in XNS server, which when enabled can stream live digital TV (broadcasted over satellite, cable and terrestrial) to XBMP on demand. TSReader is compatible with many Digital Video PCI-cards that provide the actual transport stream from DVB, DVB-T, ATSC or Digicipher.

Going to try this out once I setup the xbox keyboard for linux… Yep got the USB to Xbox cable today too.

Oh and Tuesdays lecture is now online for those students who are reading my blog.

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