The love hate relationship of my SPV

Ok two issues are bugging me about my SPV. And these are huge issues…

The huge one for me,
It will not dial up a GPRS connection over bluetooth. What this means in english is that if I want to dial up to the internet on my ipaq or tablet aka turn the phone into a modem, over bluetooth. Forget it, it doesnt work. Orange have yet to solve the issue and my 14 day phone return is running out quickly… I'm going to scream. And now i am screaming. Microsoft you drive me nuts.

Secondly, no voice dialing. Which is not good as the new UK mobile phone law came into affect on the 1st Dec. Which makes using a SPV2 in the car pretty much not possible even with a bluetooth headset. Orange must sort out this problem soon, or there will be an external app which will solve this mess-up.

Did find this however – how to unlock the SPV.

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Author: Ianforrester

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