Give the matrix some credit

Theres something different about the matrix, something almost non hollywood. I know it isnt but we all like to think it is. Mmmm its a tempting one to talk about in depth specially with the whole thing sitting on my hard drive and cinema tickets booked for the first day it hits the uk (wednesday). God knows why i dont just spend tonight watching it?
Anyhow its raising some unexpected coverage on the net due to the research the brothers did.

First it started with this…
From my friend daves blog
Now its everywhere like this
Or was it the other way around?

Interesting stuff, maybe the command line is due for a renanssance?

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Getting started

Finally installed Bloxsom or I actually mean Blojsom
just need to convert all the old weblogs over to the new format then we'll be ready to change over the website.
Shame I cant control the file dates better.

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